Virginia Peninsulas
Public Service Authority

Board of Directors

VPPSA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of one representative from each member city and county and appointed by the City Council or the County Board of Supervisors.  The governing body of each member may also appoint an alternate who will represent the member jurisdiction in the absence of the appointed Board member.

The Board of Directors for FY 21 is as follows:

Brian Woodward, York County, Deputy Director of Public Works

Vice Chair
Grace Boone, James City County, Director of General Services

Thomas J. Swartzwelder, King and Queen County, County Administrator

Michael Lombardo, County Administrator
Edwin E. Smith, Jr., (Alternate)

Jason Mitchell, Director of Public Works
Barry Dobbins, Solid Waste Operations Manager (Alternate)

James City:
Jim Hill, Solid Waste Superintendent (Alternate)

King & Queen:
No Alternate

King William:
Bobbie Tassinari, County Administrator
Victoria Rowsey, Executive Assistant-Operations (Alternate)

Melinda Conner, County Administrator
Thomas Jenkins, Director of Planning and Zoning (Alternate)

Pete Mansfield, Member, Board of Supervisors
John Koontz, Member, Board of Supervisors (Alternate)

Tom Jones, Director of Public Works
Bodina Wright, Office Manager – Department of Public Works (Alternate)

Andrew Trivette, City Manager
Daniel G. Clayton, Director of Public Works (Alternate)

Laurie Halperin, Waste Services Manager (Alternate)