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2015 Household Chemical Collections
Click HERE for a printable brochure

POQUOSON HHC EVENT POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER- The VPPSA/Poquoson, Regional Household Chemical and Electronic Collection Event, scheduled for this Saturday October 3, 2015, will be postponed until October 31, 2015. The event, held at the Poquoson Swimming Pool Parking lot, will be moved to October 31, 2015 from 8:00AM to Noon. The event is open to the residents of Hampton, Poquoson, York County, James City County and Williamsburg. For information about this and other services, or call 757-259-9850.

To see if there are any Middle Peninsula events scheduled,
please go to the Upcoming Events page

All collections are open to the residents of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Hampton and Poquoson.  Proof of residency may be required.

*All events in 2015 will also be Electronics Recycling Events-
please go HERE for more information

Acceptable Materials        Unacceptable Materials

What to do with Latex Paint

James City County
York County Hampton
Location: Warhill High School
4615 Opportunity Way
County Drive, Yorktown
(off Goodwin
Neck Rd)
Public Works Operations Complex,
419 N. Armistead Ave
Poquoson Municipal Building,
Municipal Drive
Times: 8:00AM - 12:00 Noon 8:00AM - 12:00 Noon 8:00AM - 12:00 Noon 8:00AM - 12:00 Noon
Dates: February 14
April 11
June 13
August 8
October 10
March 14
May 9
July 11
September 12
November 14
March 21
May 16
July 18
September 19
November 21
Due to Joaquim, this event has been postponed until October 31
Acceptable Materials are those typically found in a home environment, and include products such as the following:

Household Maintenance: Oil paint, Latex paint, Stains, Solvents, Glue, Varnishes, Adhesives

Automotive: Gasoline and other fuels, Waxes, Gas/oil mixtures, Brake fluid, Engine cleaner (Motor oil and antifreeze are NOT accepted at all events, please click HERE for more information.)

Lawn & Garden: Insecticides, Weed killers, Pesticides. Fertilizers, Pest Strips

Household Cleaning: Oven cleaners, Drain cleaners, Floor waxes and cleaners, Metal polishes or jewelry cleaners, Bleach, Degreasers, Septic tank cleaners, toilet cleaners

Miscellaneous: Charcoal fluids, Dyes, Kerosene, Swimming pool chemicals, Photo finishing chemicals, Rechargeable Batteries, Fluorescent Light Bulbs (including CFL's)

Unacceptable Materials

  •  TVs
  •  Alkaline Batteries
  •  Medications 
  •  Business or Medical Waste
  •  Explosives, compressed gas cylinders
  •  Shock sensitive materials
  •  Radioactive products
  •  Large quantities of unknown materials
  •  Ammunition
  •  Gun Powder
  •  Household Trash

What to do with Latex Paint

  • If the paint is old and dry, you can leave the lid off and dispose of in your regular trash. 
  • If the paint is still a liquid, you can add kitty litter or other absorbent material such as sawdust or mulch, and stir it well until it becomes very thick and will not drip or run.  Once you've done this, you can leave the lid off and dispose of it in your regular trash.  Please note:  this ONLY APPLIES to latex (water based) paint.






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