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VPPSA Compost Facility    
145 Goodwin Neck Road, Yorktown, Virginia 23692

Open Monday - Saturday  8:00AM until 4:00PM


The Compost Facility will be closed on Saturday, January 7 due to the anticipated snow storm.

Changes effective September 1, 2016

Cash will no longer be accepted for payment for delivery of yard waste for commercial customers and residential users not from Poquoson or Hampton, or from York County residents who do not subscribe to the County's Basic Service as noted below.  Click here for payment options.

Residents of Poquoson and Hampton may continue to deliver yard waste at no charge; York residents who are subscribers to the County's Basic Service for both solid waste and recycling collections and are current in payment for such services may also drop off their personal yard waste at no charge. York County residents with any questions may contact York County Solid Waste Management at



Facility Information
Who Can Use the Facility?
Products and Prices
Acceptable Yard Waste
Seal of Testing Assurance


Facility Information

 VPPSA has operated the 22-acre facility on Goodwin Neck Road since its inception in 1994.  The facility has a staff of eight personnel who together with Hampton, Poquoson and York County, process over 30,000 tons of vegetative yard waste annually.

The Compost Facility receives brush, leaves, grass and other vegetative material from city and county vehicles, residents, and commercial customers.  The materials are separated by type and then processed into our compost & mulch products.

During the decomposition process, leaves and grass are continuously aerated and monitored for temperature.  Larger materials are ground into mulch using the facility’s grinder.  Once  ground, this material is then cured in large static piles for a minimum of three months. During this time the material will reach temperatures of over 180°F, effectively removing pathogens, weed seeds, insects and residual insect larvae. 

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Who Can Use the Facility?

To Purchase Products:
Anyone, residential or commercial, may purchase products from the Compost  Facility. See the list of products and prices for more information.

To Dispose of Yard Waste Materials:
  • Residents of the City of Hampton,Poquoson and York County residents who subscribe to the County's trash program may dispose of yard waste materials at the facility. 
  • Businesses, York County residents who do not subscribe to the County's trash program, and residents from any community may also dispose of yard waste materials at the facility, but will be charged at a rate of $38 per ton.

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Products and Prices: 
►Compost:  used to improve any soil or growing medium

$20.00  per cubic yard

►Soil Blend: a blend of soil, VPPSA compost and fine 
mulch in quantities which resemble natural topsoil. This material is
good for improving the soil in gardens and lawns, or as a potting
soil in container gardens

$22.00 per cubic yard

►Reground Mulch: pieces larger than 1/2 inch

$12.00 per cubic yard

►Mulch Fines: pieces smaller than 1/2 inch $14.00 per cubic yard
►Colored Mulch: red, brown and black  $28.00 per cubic yard

Firewood, when available, is $10.00 for all you can load.
Please call ahead for availability.

Currently accepting cash or checks only!
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We will accept:
Unbagged leaves and grass clippings, and branches, brush and other tree parts that are less than 10 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter (sorry, no stumps.)
We will not accept:
Processed wood, landscape timbers, or materials that contain trash, excessive amounts of dirt, metal, concrete or any other contaminant.  All incoming loads will be inspected by the Customer Service Representative to help ensure a high quality end product.  Thanks for your help in enforcing this policy. 

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Seal of Testing Assurance:

The VPPSA Compost Facility has recently joined  the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program.  This program requires compost producers to regularly test their products through an approved STA laboratory. 

As a participant, VPPSA is required to make test results available to any person upon request, using the STA program’s “Compost Technical Data Sheet”. This sheet  includes directions for product use, a list of product ingredients and analytical test results. 

For more information on the STA program, and other participating composters in the state of Virginia, contact the VPPSA Compost Facility or the US Composting Council at: 

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